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What is in an elevator cab? components of elevator interior design
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Elevator Interiors 101: What’s in an Elevator Cab?

No other space in your building gets as much attention and exposure as the inside of your elevator. Your elevator cab interior, including its decorative enclosure in which passengers are carried, says a lot about you. An elevator ride is usually how your visitors, customers and tenants start and finish

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Should I Repair or Remodel My Commercial Elevator Interior?

Your elevator cabs are key public-facing spaces in your building that serve so many purposes beyond just taking people up and down. From defining the passenger journey to facilitating the flow of people in your building and transporting visitors safely to showcasing your aesthetic, the elevator cab interior is a

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Elevator Cab Interior Remodeling: A Complete Guide

When most people are in an elevator, they’re usually on autopilot, drifting off into space or thinking about their next meal. You can use this time to your advantage and impress your visitors with a beautifully remodeled elevator cab interior. A few signs that it’s time for an upgrade is

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Elevator Cab Walls, Ceilings, Lighting and Accessories
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Going Up? Must-Have Features for Great Elevator Interiors

Elevators are a direct representation of the building where they work, and the people that work there. With this in mind, it’s a no-brainer that your elevator interiors have to be just as stunning as the building interior. Like most mid or high rises, your elevator might want to appear

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