Riding Safer With Elevator Cab Safety Glass

Elevators should have a striking balance of functionality, safety and aesthetics. Besides that, one should also consider dimensions, weight and style. One way to accommodate all your needs in a single cab is by using elevator cab safety glass. 


Elevator cab safety glass gives an excellent view of the outside environment and also redefines the complete riding experience. From subtle or standout painted designs to simple and transparent glass – you have many options at your disposal. 


Benefits of Elevator Cab Safety Glass

A well-lit, transparent glass elevator feels spacious and allows natural light. Besides, it has many other functions and safety benefits. 


  • Environment-friendly: Glass panels allow sufficient sunlight to pass through and reduce the need for electricity. 
  • Transparency and visibility: Glass cabs provide riders with a 360-degree view and feel of the premise to make the home or office feel more welcoming and open. 
  • Aesthetics and design: Glass cabs appear spacious and less claustrophobic, offering comfort and convenience to the rider. 
  • Safety and reliability: Laminated glass provides multiple layers of protection. In the long run, if the glass cracks, the internal layers still hold sturdy and keep the glass in place. A sturdy glass eliminates the doubt of shattering into pieces and is thus way safer. From lining walls to ceilings – you can safely incorporate glass into the structure.

“Elevator Cab Safety Glass means design and functionality packed into one”

Maintaining Glass Elevator Cabs

Does your elevator demand frequent repairs or refurbishment? Do you have to renew the panels and cladding every few months? You can get rid of all these hassles with elevator cab safety glass. 


High-quality, obstinate glass will protect your elevator from sudden impact, damage and shock. It also eliminates other functional issues such as over-time corrosion or replacements due to structural weakness. 


Besides, a smooth glass surface is relatively easy to clean and requires zero maintenance. It is a DIY task to clean glass elevators. You can simply clean them like any other glass surface or mirror. 

Create a Unified Experience Using Glass

There are several ways you can incorporate glass into your riding experience. 


Interior elevator glass 

Whether it is a personal or commercial elevator you’re planning to modernize, you can custom design the interior as per your style and need. One of the best ways to do so is to match your appeal  with the rest of the interior but still provide the cab with its aesthetic standing. 


Our custom design studio helps you create your unique design in under ten minutes. You can choose from standard or obscure glass to matte and satin finishes to fulfill every personalized design purpose. 


Glass Cladding 


There are several ways you can do your elevator wall cladding. One way is to choose a luxurious texture of real glass for a more fancy look. If not, you can also go the cost-effective way and opt for durable and transparent polycarbonate material. Irrespective of your choice, glass claddings will beautifully enclose the area and keep the surfaces free from scratches in the long run. 


Wall claddings need not be fundamentally uninteresting. You can have a smooth, flowing pattern or create a colourful vibe by mixing and matching glasses of various kinds. Pro-tip: If your outside view is more green and natural, having a minimalistic design that opens up to the scenery can do wonders for the rider. 


Elevator Lobbies


The riding experience doesn’t start the moment a person steps into the elevator. It begins at the elevator lobby, where they are waiting for the ride or pressing the call button. Now is your chance to capture their attention by turning those impatience moments into admiration and awe. 


Using safety glass in the lobbies will reflect the beauty and prepare the rider for a safer and more meaningful ride. 

Customize Your Elevators Using Glass with K Elevator and AMG

Up your elevator game by providing riders with a safe, functional and comfortable experience every time they take the ride. At AMG, we help you choose from a unique range of elevator cab safety glass right from mirrored and acid-etched to other glass combinations. You can also work with our interior cab specialists at K elevator, who will help you with visual design and direction. Get in touch with us today! 

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