Elevator Cab interior mirrors

Inspired Design. Uncompromised Functionality.

From our standard line-up to custom designs, our team of specialists are dedicated to bringing your elevator ideas to life.

Elevator Interiors

Standard Elevator Designs

Our extensive catalogue of standard interior configurations has limitless choices to help you create remarkable cab designs.


An elevator cab with or without mirrors, split paneling with optional bumpers, or rigidized lower panels: you name it, we got it.

Standard Elevator Designs
Custom Elevator Interior Design

Elevator Interiors

Custom Elevator Interior Design

From etching the building’s logo into a mirror, to designing a unique flooring pattern, we make sure your elevator cab stands out.


We offer a wide range of panels, light fixtures, flooring and handrails to create an enjoyable and luxurious experience for your elevator passengers.

How It Works

From Idea to Install

Select an elevator interior from our standard line-up, or get our designers to develop a custom look.

Work with our dedicated project coordinator to define project specifications, drawings and timelines.

Arrange shipping and installation with our project coordinator. 

Your new elevators are ready to move!

With over 2 million people travelling in our elevators every day, we’re dedicated to outstanding passenger experiences. 

We’re proud of our history and we take pride in our work and customer service. We offer a flexible and creative approach to each and every project, and a dedicated support team available whenever you need our help. 

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