What Your Elevator Cab Aesthetic Says About Your Building

Ever wonder what your guests and residents think about your building? If you’re anything like our customers, curating a building style is an ongoing mission. One big factor that influences a guest’s opinion is your elevator cab aesthetic. 


The average elevator passenger takes four trips per day. That means they have plenty of time to take in your elevator interiors and see how well the cladding, floors, and finishings match your property as a whole. If the two vibes don’t jive, it can leave a poor impression. 


That means knowing what your guests think about your elevator can have a big impact! It could make sense to upgrade those cabs before other building projects. Renovating a lobby, for example, might go to waste if your cab is from the 1990s. 


One way to narrow down your next renovation is to see if your elevator cabs match the aesthetic of your building. To help you seamlessly integrate your cabs to the rest of your property, we’ve created a quick guide to the different types of aesthetics and where they best fit.

Elevator Cab Interiors and Your Building: Choosing What Fits (and Avoiding What Doesn’t)

The Old Faithful

When residents step into this cab, they can tell it’s been through more than a few trips. The floors have that milky sheen from being washed for over a decade. The panels and cladding have scratches and other signs of wear. Maybe the handrails are loose and the overhead lighting flickers. 


At K-Elevator, we see this elevator cab aesthetic often. It sets a mixed impression at best. That’s because it shows you take care of the property but, despite the new lobby or freshly paved parking lot, the renovations are clearly not complete. 


K-Elevator Recommends: Any of the following updated styles.

Clean and Well-Kept

When cleanliness is key to your property, then you want to make sure your elevator cab sparkles. Keeping a newer interior clean isn’t easier than Old Faithful, but it will look cleaner. Even budget cab materials boast impressive materials that are much easier on your patron’s eyes. 


Thankfully, a clean and well-kept elevator cab can be had for a reasonable price. K-Elevators Vertical Series, for example, includes everything you need to quickly replace your old interiors. We can often install them within a day or two. They are ideal for clinics, shopping centers, and other public spaces.  


K-Elevator Recommends: Vertical Series

Stylish and Modern

With so many new condos going up across the country, it’s no surprise that residents are getting used to sleek elevator interiors. Trying to rent or sell a property can be a challenge when the ride up there feels like a trip back in time. 


Impress your guests with a cab interior that feels just as modern and essential as the view from the penthouse. The horizontal series includes stainless steel and laminate finishings that are more in line with today’s styles and trends. 


K-Elevator Recommends: Horizontal Series

A Level Above the Rest

The last renovation can be just as important as the first. So if you’ve been working hard to update the lobby, reception desk, and floors to match the clientele that work or live in your property, you’ve got one last stop. 


With our transitional series, extend your sophisticated style to the journey from floor to floor. A mix of horizontal and vertical elements, along with brushed steel and high-end mirrors, make this our best option for bank, law, and bespoke commercial. 


K-Elevator Recommends: Transitional Series

The Top Finishings to Enhance Your Elevator Cab Aesthetic

While our standard interiors offer incredible value at a low cost, many of our clients enhance the experience even further with custom finishings. 


Use the horizontal, vertical, or transitional series as a starting point and boost the look with a host of quality materials. Here are just some of the exciting options available: 

    • Woodgrain Laminates: Wild Cherry, Boardwalk Oak, Stirling Ash, and many more.
    • Stone Laminates: Magnata, Lario, Calcutta Marble, and many more. 
    • Patterned Steel: Natural Finishes & Coloured Finishes
    • Stainless Steel: Brushed Finishes & Mirror Finishes

From Idea to Install: K-Elevator Is with You Every Step of the Way

No matter what elevator cab aesthetic you’re going for, our experts can help you achieve it. K-Elevator can help you plan, design, and install your custom interior. We have a wide selection of quality materials by brand names such as Wilsonart Laminates and Imagic Glass.  


To see just how much customization we offer, try designing a cab right now. Head over to our Cab Design Studio and create the elevator interior that’s perfect for your property.

The Top Finishings to Enhance Your Elevator Cab Aesthetic

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