Should I Repair or Remodel My Commercial Elevator Interior?

Your elevator cabs are key public-facing spaces in your building that serve so many purposes beyond just taking people up and down. From defining the passenger journey to facilitating the flow of people in your building and transporting visitors safely to showcasing your aesthetic, the elevator cab interior is a reflection of your business.


That’s why it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape. But when something goes wrong with your elevator cab, there’s no need to panic. Whether it’s a minor bit of damage or a major component is malfunctioning, we recommend taking a step back and assessing the situation before making any major decisions.


No matter the type of elevator you have, here’s how you can tell if your elevator cab needs a repair or a remodel. Answer these questions to find out more!

When to Repair vs Remodel Commercial Elevator Interiors

1. First things first, how does your elevator cab interior look?

A: The floor tiles are broken and the lights are outdated and not energy efficient. 

If the elevator cab interior has some small cosmetic issues, then a cab interior professional can repair them and match your present style so that the fixes fit right in. For example, K-Elevator can switch outdated halogen lights to low-cost and energy-efficient LEDs that freshen up the entire feel of your cab interior.


B: The back mirror is cracked, the stainless steel is dented, and we had to take out the ceiling panels last week because they started to droop. 

When costly cab interior issues start to add up, such as worn-out cab panels, ceiling tiles, and cladding, it may be time to look into getting an elevator cab interior remodel. Why inconvenience your passengers and overspend on constant repairs when you can invest in an overhaul of your cab interior in one go? What’s more important, if you have a cracked mirror, exposed sharp edges or even a missing tile that it puts your elevator out of compliance with the B-44 Elevator code, and can be called by a TSSA inspector for non-compliance. A fresh new look tells your residents, stakeholders, and guests that the property is well cared for and keeps your elevator code-compliant.


When is it time to upgrade your elevator interior?

2. Next up, how is the exterior of your elevator holding up?

A: The door frames seem to be in good shape, but there are some visible scratches and dents in the cladding. 


This is most likely a repair job. Our staff are experts in elevator door recladding. Whether it’s painted or stainless steel, this is also a great opportunity to choose a finish that’s more durable and better matches your building’s aesthetic.


B: Passengers often remark that the elevator door and frame look banged up.


Your elevator doors are the first impression riders get of your elevators. No matter how new or well kept they are inside, if the door frames need an upgrade, it could tarnish their experience. We recommend talking to your elevator professionals about a quote for a new elevator door and door frame cladding for your commercial building.

3. How old is the elevator?

1: It’s definitely older than 25 years.


Unlike certain wines and cheese, elevator interiors don’t improve with age. What was considered modern twenty or thirty years ago often looks tired and worn out today. By remodelling your elevator, you’re also improving the impression of your business or property. This goes double for buildings that have had a foyer or lobby facelift in the past five to ten years.


2: It was updated recently, but…

In many situations, even commercial elevator cabs that were updated recently can use some TLC. That’s because age isn’t the only determining factor —cracked mirrors, chipped floor tiles, and scuffed cladding can occur at any time. If that’s the case, then you can focus on repairing specific components.


4. Does your elevator cab interior show off your property’s style and brand?

A: Yes, we’re looking into boosting it with custom elevator interior accessories.


When your cab interior puts your building’s best foot forward, your passengers will feel it every time they step into your elevator. To boost your branding, we offer a set of custom-designed wall protection pads with your logo as well as mirror etching services. 


B: Not really. We just have a standard interior with no branded elements. 


Commercial buildings are always trying to leave their mark and uphold their reputation. Your elevator interior is a great place to reinforce your branding and aesthetic. From custom cab interior parts to branded accessories and features, remodelling your elevator is a great opportunity to define your brand and make sure it gets across to your passengers.


elevator cab ceiling design

5. Finally, is the repair expensive enough to justify a remodel?

1: Yes

If you have a few wall panels, door cladding, and mirrors to replace, then it may be time to do a full elevator cab remodel. You also have to think about your savings over time. Investing a little more into a remodel means you’ll spend less on repairs in the coming years.


2: No

If there’s just a noticeboard to install or halogen lights to upgrade, then a repair could be just what you need. Call us anytime to talk about your elevator interior repairs, and we’ll help you get your cab looking its best.

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