Elevator Renovation Costs Your Cab Company Won’t Tell You


An elevator cab renovation may seem simple, but there are several moving parts when you calculate the overall project cost. Learning about what can cost you extra while remodeling your home or commercial elevator cab will help you plan the right budget. These additional expenses aren’t included in the quote your elevator company gives you. 


As your elevator cab renovation experts, we’ve listed down all the must-haves you need to consider that can shoot your budget. Let’s get started. 

6 Main Elevator Cab Renovation Costs to Consider

Depending upon how good or bad shape your elevator cab is in, you may choose a partial or full modernization. Partial modernization means you’re only replacing the panels, buttons, and handrails and this doesn’t come with any additional cost. But if your elevator cab needs a full modernization, there is a breakdown of what those numbers could include. 

Assessment by a Maintenance Contractor

An engineering assessment is a prerequisite for the full modernization of your elevator cab. Before you kickstart the project and get into interior designing, the first step is to get an estimate of the elevator’s net weight. 


Hiring a maintenance contractor at this stage is a good idea. Knowing about the net weight will help K Elevator determine the type of materials to recommend for cab remodeling that stays within the weight allowance set out by the governing body. 


If the interior selection extends beyond the allowance, then you need an engineering assessment to verify if the existing cab is able to handle the extra load. This assessment is completed by your maintenance contractor and an engineer. The maintenance contractor should be able to give you a quote to complete the initial assessment. 


If you’re wondering whether our team at K Elevator will work with your maintenance contractor, then yes. On the outside, we will ensure completion of a thorough review and engineering assessment are completed before proceeding with interior designing. We aim to consider and complete every aspect to stay code compliant. 

 Our team at K Elevator will work with your maintenance contractor for a thorough review and engineering assessment if you need it.

Pre and Post Fixtures

While renovating your elevator cab, the pre and post-fixtures can cost extra, aka, the removal and reinstallation of various parts. 


For example, if you want a partial modernization, the specialists have to remove certain cab items before starting their work. For example, these items include removing the elevator doors and disconnecting the car operating panel to allow K Elevator to provide and install the required finishes mentioned in the scope of work.  


Removal of cab items costs extra and may not be a part of the cab interior modernization proposal you initially signed with your cab design partner. Also, at times you might want to replace certain cab items after the project has started depending on whether it goes with the overall theme you’ve selected. 

Elevator Safety Test

An elevator safety test is mandatory for elevator renovations that include glass or ceiling. Once again, this prerequisite is taken care of by your maintenance contractor. They should also be able to submit this assessment to the TSSA, the governing body that handles elevator assessments. 


An elevator safety test can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $5,000 per elevator depending on the type. It’s a significant budget and needs a place in your initial elevator budget sheet. 


The TSSA can charge you a penalty if you miss the elevator safety test. Timely and necessary inspections for your elevators and obtaining the required certifications are required to avoid any extra charges in the future. 


This test is necessary from a safety perspective, considering how many will ride in your elevator on a given day. Skipping the safety test means you’re putting them at risk.

Interior Design Updates

You can opt for a standard or custom update as per your elevator cab renovation budget. A custom update means you’re working with an interior designer and choosing certain additional fixtures that are not part of the standard update. 

For instance, you’re more inclined to get a custom or vintage-style ceiling. Additional fixtures like custom flooring, lighting, and mirrors will take you far from the initial budget you’ve set. The following custom updates can cost you extra. 

  • Custom doors
  • Vinyl flooring
  • 3D textured walls
  • Elevator cab safety glass
  • Vacuum elevators
  • In-cab sensors 
  • Computerized control systems

Interior Designer Fee

For your ease, we’ve set up a 3D cab design studio. This helps you design a modern-day elevator cab in less than ten minutes. All you need to do is choose all the different cab items you like, take a printout of your finished look and start working with one of our cab specialists. 

But if you choose a custom update, then you might need an interior designer to help you bring your project to life. You can hire your own interior designer, or K elevator can recommend one. In any case, you need to consider their consultation fee.

Extended Hours

At K Elevator, we provide faster lead times with most of the cab renovation projects. But many commercial jobs are requested to be completed outside of regular working hours. 


If that is the case, our cab specialists will have to work beyond their shift hours (8 am- 5 pm). It’s important to note that this request will also be at a premium as the installers will be paid a premium rate to work after 5 pm or on the weekends. In this case, your cab specialist will quote you accordingly. 


The best way to estimate how much a cab renovation will cost is to get a free quote from a reliable cab company. 

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