The Ultimate Guide to Modernizing Elevator Cab Interiors

An elevator’s mechanical parts can last up to twenty years. The inside of your elevators, however, see a lot more physical wear and tear than you may realize. After thousands of trips, worn-out floor tiles and dirty panels can only get so clean. And even a well-kept interior that may have seemed trendy ten years ago is likely an eyesore today.


In our guide, we’ll go over when you should think about modernizing an elevator cab, the things you can upgrade, and some of the packages we offer at K-Elevator.

Everything You Need to Know About Modernizing Elevator Cab Interiors

When Should You Think About Modernizing Elevator Cab Interiors?

Unlike mechanical updates, there’s no specific timeline for updating elevator cab interiors. That means it’s up to you and your property managers to decide the best time to call in a specialist. That being said, we’ve found there are some key indicators that an elevator cab needs some attention.

Constant Repairs

The downtime to fix a broken handrail or loose ceiling tile adds up fast. Getting a handyman to mend your old interior could be better spent investing in a new look.

Smells and Stains

Old vinyl floor tiles and cloth wall panels, over a decade or more, can carry a foul aroma that’s impossible to erase. The only real option is to replace the tiles with something more modern and clean.

Safety Concerns

Cracked or chipped floor tiles can pose a trip hazard, especially in elevators with lots of daily traffic. Also, some older elevator railings are too high or lack structural support, which is an accessibility issue for disabled guests and residents.

Age of Cab

If your property was built in the 2000s or before, then it’s most likely ready for at least a partial modernization. Updating even a few things can completely alter a guest’s experience of your elevator cab.

The Benefits of Modernizing Elevator Cab Interiors

While most safety regulations focus on what’s happening above and below the cab, it’s the interior that your passengers notice first. Damaged doors, unsightly wall panels, and worn-out cladding tell your guests and residents that you’re not keeping good care of your elevators.


This means the biggest advantage of updating cab interiors is your passenger’s peace of mind. They’ll stop thinking about the potential dangers of their ride, and probably bug you a lot less, too.


How Long Does An Elevator Interior Modernization Take?

It’s true, you’ll need to take elevators offline while we modernize their interiors. A typical modernization takes less than a week. And for small updates, K-Elevators can be in and out in a few days. We’ll also work on one cab at a time, so your passengers will still be able to ride the lifts.

What Is Included In An Elevator Interior Modernization?

One of the best things about modernizing cab interiors is that you can choose what stays and what changes. Some of our clients decide to only change the floor tiles because they’re dirty and cracked. At other times, building management agrees to overhaul the entire cab.


Below, we explain the types of modernization that are at your disposal.

Types of Elevator Interior Modernization

Partial Modernization

With this option, property managers get to decide which parts of the cab they would like to modernize. You can keep the mirrors, for example, but change the ceiling tiles and floors. There are many different types of materials to choose from, too.

Here’s a complete list of the cab items for partial modernization:

      • Door and Frame Stainless Steel Cladding
      • Panels and Buttons
      • Walls
      • Floors 
      • Handrails
      • Ceilings 
      • Lighting

Some of the quality materials used in our cab modernization projects are: 


      • Woodgrain Laminates
      • Stone Laminates
      • Pattern Stainless Steel
      • Brushed Stainless Steel
      • Mirror Finishes
      • Porcelain
      • Vinyl Sheet
      • Vinyl Tile

Full Modernization

With a full modernization, you update the entire elevator cab. This includes everything listed in the partial modernization options above. K-Elevator offers two types of full interior upgrades, Standard and Custom.


Make sure to review our standard elevator interiors brochure for more insight on our packages. 

How Much Does An Elevator Interior Modernization Cost?

Keeping you on budget is one of our primary goals. Because each elevator cab is different, it’s best to call us for a quote. We can meet at your location and together we’ll come up with a partial or full modernization plan that meets the needs of your building.

With Elevator Interior Modernization, the Choice Is Yours

Modernizing elevator cab interiors may seem like a big task, but it doesn’t have to be. Our design experts at K-Elevator work with you to choose the updates that matter most to your residents. We have over thirty years of experience serving Canada, so your interiors are in good hands.


Go ahead and check out our previous work, then send us a message and we’ll do our best to make your elevator cab project a reality.

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