Hidden Costs for Elevator Renovation You Need to Know Right Now

Elevator cab renovation may seem expensive, especially if you don’t have a breakdown of all the costs involved. Before you kickstart a cab renovation project for your residential or commercial property, you must be aware of the additional expenses that could affect your overall budget. These expenses are not a part of the proposal your cab specialist hands over to you. 


So what are those elevator must-haves that cost extra? How much will a cab renovation cost you after adding those numbers? We’ve answered all your questions below. 

6 Hidden Costs for Elevator Cab Renovation

Whether you want a partial modernization, like replacing the panels, buttons and handrails, or a full modernization to update the entire elevator cab, the following action items cost you extra. 

Engineering Assessment

Before you jump on the fun stuff of creating your ideal cab design, consider some prerequisites. Preceding any elevator cab renovation, you need to discuss  with your  maintenance contractor to get an estimate of its net weight. This will allow K Elevator to determine the type of materials to use to stay within the weight allowance set out by the governing body. 


If the selection requested is determined to go outside the allowance, then an engineering assessment is necessary to verify if the existing equipment is able to handle the extra load. This is completed by your maintenance contractor and an engineer.


Our team at K Elevator will work  with your maintenance contractor for a thorough review and engineering assessment if you need it. The maintenance contractor should be able to give you a quote to complete the assessment. 


Before starting any renovation, it’s important to handle every aspect to follow code compliance. 

Removal and Reinstallation

Elevator renovation includes a lot of moving parts. For example, if you want a partial modernization, certain cab items must be removed before the specialists start their work. These items include, for example, the removal of elevator doors and disconnecting of the car operating panel to allow K Elevator to provide and install the required finishes within the scope of work. 


 Removal of cab items costs extra and may not be a  part of the cab interior modernization proposal you initially signed with your cab design partner. 

Safety Test

Elevator renovations that include glass or ceiling as part of the renovations need to undergo a no-load safety test. This is mandatory and conducted by the maintenance provider. 


Your maintenance contractor will also handle all the submissions to the TSSA. Additionally, your cab company can also do this for you. But in any way, safety tests will require a place in your elevator renovation budget sheet. Ideally, standard elevators for full load testing and required submissions cost between $2,000 to $5,000 per elevator.


Failing to complete timely and necessary inspections for your elevators and obtaining the required certifications means you’re not adhering to safety compliance. This may subject you to an additional penalty. 


Besides, it’s crucial to consider that several people rely on your elevator/ elevators to ride every day. If your elevator hasn’t undergone a safety test, you’re putting your riders at risk.

Custom Updates

Depending upon your overall budget and need, you can opt for a standard or custom cab renovation. A custom update means you’re working with an interior designer and choosing certain additional fixtures that are not part of the standard update. 


For instance, you’re more inclined to get custom doors or flooring for a more polished look. Premium fixtures like lighting, ceiling or even mirrors will up your budget by a few numbers. Below, we’ve listed some custom updates that can cost you extra. 


Interior Designer

Modern-day elevator design is easy with a 3D cab design studio. It takes less than ten minutes to design your cab and learn what the finished version will look like. Additionally, we have a team of interior designers you can work with. 


But if you choose to have your interior designer, we can partner with them and bring your vision to life. Don’t forget to add their consultation fee while calculating the additional cost.

After Hours Work

Many commercial jobs are requested to be completed outside of normal working hours (8 am – 5 pm). It is important to note that this request will also be at a premium as the installers will be paid a premium rate to work after 5 pm or on the weekends. 


When it comes to calculating the cost of elevator cab renovation, there is no one-size- fits-all. It comes down to what kind of design and finishes you choose. 


Depending upon the project timeline, you may also want a shorter lead time. This means cab specialists need to put in extra hours to complete the work sooner. If this is the case, your cab specialist will quote you accordingly. 


One of the best ways to get an estimate of how much a cab renovation will cost you is to get a free quote from a reliable cab company. 

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