Custom Cab Interiors that Elevate Your Building

Whether you’re undertaking cab interior renovations, elevator modernization projects or new cab installations, our team of elevator cab specialists can meet all your custom design requirements.

Bring your elevator cab vision to life

At K-Elevator, we specialize in custom elevator cab interiors. From simple passenger elevators to elegant hotel elevator cabs and everything in between, we ensure your elevator will not only look beautiful but stand up to code requirements and daily demands.

Our elevator cab experts work with architects, designers, general contractors, property managers and elevator contractors to turn creative visions into real-life cab interiors that elevate your passenger journey.

Cab Interior Designs that Stand Out

We are known for our unique ability to deliver high-quality cab interiors for new construction projects, elevator cab finished, or existing cab interior modernizations.
Our designers bring together elevator interior finishes and layout configurations to blend seamlessly and ignite the true character of your building. We can customize all elements of the cab interior including branded mirrors with your building’s logo, unique flooring patterns or wall panel finishes to match your lobby.

The K-Elevator

Premium Quality

We manufacture elevator cab interiors that are built to last and stand the everyday demands of your busy building.

Cost-Efficient Packages

We offer our clients a wide variety of state-of-the-art elevator cab interior options at affordable prices.

Installation Support

With easy-to-follow instructions & installation experts, you can be sure that your elevator will be up and running with minimal distributions.

Expert Project Management

The whole team is dedicated to delivering a seamless cab interior design experience, supporting you on every level.

Our Work

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