Going Up? Must-Have Features for Great Elevator Interiors

Elevators are a direct representation of the building where they work, and the people that work there. With this in mind, it’s a no-brainer that your elevator interiors have to be just as stunning as the building interior.

Like most mid or high rises, your elevator might want to appear professional and charming, or perhaps you aim to achieve a more warm and welcoming atmosphere. No matter what your plan to freshen up your elevator interior may be, consider your options for these must-have features for the greatest elevator interiors.

Dress Up Those Walls: Stunning Elevator Cab Panels

Elevator Interior

The first thing most people notice when entering an elevator cab is that they are surrounded by three walls, and hopefully, that’s three stunning walls of perfectly patterned paneling. Typically, elevator cab interior panels are designed from one of two materials:

      • Plastic Laminate
      • Patterned Stainless Steel

For a long lasting finish, plastic laminate is definitely the way to go. Not only is it incredibly wear-resistant, the decorative options are limitless. Whether you’re seeking woodgrain finishes like cherry, walnut, oak or ash — or a stone finish, such as marble, plastic laminate paneling has got your elevator interiors covered. Literally.


On the other hand, patterned stainless steel is the go-to material when a robust solution is required. It can also be used as a decorative accent to add extra texture to a pre-existing design. The greatest thing about the patterned stainless steel panels is that they can even be used along with plastic laminate to create a unique look for your elevator interior.

Look at Me Now: Elevator Cab Mirrors

Do you know what else goes great with plastic laminate or stainless steel panels? That’s right: mirrors. Add style and depth to your elevator cab with the addition of a mirror panel to give your passengers something to look at, so they’re not making awkward eye contact with each other!

Hold on for the Ride: Stainless Steel Elevator Handrails

While your passengers are blatantly trying to avoid awkward eye contact, they probably want to sink into the sides of the elevator interior. That’s just an added bonus of having stainless steel handrails. They also protect your cab panels against damage from items your passengers carry along.


With a choice of a brushed or mirror finish, and shape options of round or flat, handrails are a key part to rounding out every elevator cab.

Bask in the Glow: Warm Elevator Cab Lighting

Custom Interior Elevator Cab Design Specialists

It doesn’t end there though. There are still a few more must-have features for the greatest elevator interiors. Let’s take a moment to think about what goes on above our heads, and take both the ceiling fixture and lighting design into consideration. 


The standard ceiling option for most elevator interiors is a classic aluminum frame with standard LED tube fixtures. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with the classic — it’s the classic for a reason. That being said, there’s something that feels a bit sterile about walking into an elevator cab lit with LED lights. A great way to up your elevator interior game is to choose warm, inviting lighting — whether that’s on an aluminum frame or a frameless ceiling. Now that’s a timeless look!

Do Look Down: Elevator Cab Flooring Options

elevator cab flooring

Finally, let’s take a quick look under our (hopefully clean) shoes and see what’s happening with the flooring situation. Most options are available in both porcelain, vinyl, or a combination of the above materials. This is where we suggest sprucing things up to push your elevator flooring from good to great.

Classic standard square tiling can be made more exciting with a border or an offset, and if tiling isn’t right for you, don’t be shy and take a look at the vinyl sheets! No matter what type of flooring you choose though, we just recommend that you make sure it matches the style of your elevator cab interior.

So in the end, we can see that an elevator cab interior has many options for its must-have features, but we can highlight these highly recommended options:

      • Stunning wall panels & an interior mirror
      • Stainless steel handrails
      • Warm lighting
      • Eye-catching flooring that ties it all together

With these factors in mind, you have the recipe for the greatest elevator interior money can buy! If you’re looking for help bringing your elevator cab design dreams to life, the experts at K Elevator can help elevate your day.

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