An elevator is an investment. Extend the life of your elevator fixtures with protection pads. K-Elevator has three colours of protection pads available. Customize protection pads with your logo to publicize your business.

The wall space within elevators can be an excellent place to post notices. K-Elevator installs two sizes of metal notice boards with a locking mechanism, so you post information in an orderly fashion.

If you need to change the cladding on your car door or the surrounding frame, due to damage or just a change of look, K-elevator will come out and remove the old skin and apply a new one in the material of your choice.

  • Broken Glass
  • Scratches
  • Panel Repair
  • Lighting

Custom Design or standard layout.

We understand that the experience can start even before the passenger sets foot in the elevator, which is why we also offer wall cladding and notice board installation next to elevators.

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