Sometimes It’s the Little Things

The ideal experience in an elevator should be pleasant and comfortable. Passengers should feel a sense of security and serenity as they travel inside a beautifully designed cab. The components of an elevator cab design that have the greatest impact are the ones passengers cant’t even see, though. Designing an outstanding elevator interior requires a passion for craftsmanship and commitment to excellence.

Standard & Custom Interiors

Custom interior configurations with a wide range of panels, light fixtures, flooring, handrails and more.

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Interior Services

Enhance the aesthetic of your elevator while protecting its fixtures with pads, boards, frames and more.

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Why K-Elevator?

When you need to design or redesign your elevator cabs, you want to choose an experienced company with a reputation for quality and customer service.

K-Elevator Cabs Ltd. has been serving the GTA since 1986. Since our inception.  K-Elevator has evolved into a quality company that we are today committed to delivering exceptionally designed elevators that doesn’t sacrifice form for function.

People should talk about your elevators for the right reasons. Contact K-Elevator Cabs Ltd. today at 905-837-2043.

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Transform Your Elevators through Custom Design

What do people say when they step into the elevators in your building? Do they marvel at how well-lit and stylish they are? Or do they say things such as, “This elevator is dark, dreary and cramped”?

You don’t have to sacrifice an elevator’s function for form (and vice versa). Your building can be home to beautifully designed elevators that people want to ride in.

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