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When it comes to elevators, there are many routine steps you can take to ensure that your cab interiors stay in tip-top shape. For one, clean walls and well-polished floors are important because most people spend their time in elevators looking at everything but the other riders. By keeping your cab pristine, you’re also making sure passengers feel safe. Plus, you’re representing the best parts of your organization. 

So how do we keep our own elevator cab interiors shiny and new? Let’s take a look.


Download your free elevator cab interior maintenance checklist

5 Tips for Elevator Cab Interior Maintenance

When you want to impress your guests, there are a few simple maintenance tasks that can make a big difference. Here are our top five suggestions for things you can do to keep your elevator interior as dazzling as the day you got it.


1. Check your elevators regularly. 

The best way to keep to a cleaning routine is to create an elevator maintenance checklist. That way, you’ll easily keep up with maintaining the light fixtures and the lights in the control panel, and ensure that the emergency phone is connected. This is one of the best ways to make sure you and your guests feel safe.

2. Worried about nicks and dings? Try using WALL PROTECTION PADS.

If your elevator is being used to move any equipment, furniture, or other large or bulky items, consider using elevator wall protection pads to keep your interior safe from scratches and dents that happen by accident.

3. Keep elevator cab NOTICEBOARDS up to date. 

Nothing screams “neglected” more than a year-old notice yellowing in a noticeboard, or a digital sign that hasn’t been updated to reflect the current events. So although this might feel like a small detail, it can make a big difference.

4. Don’t forget about the entrance to your elevator cab. 

This can include the doorframe in the entryway that might need an updated coat of paint, or about cleaning any stainless steel, as many elevators have stainless steel entrance doors and frames.

5. Make sure your car operating panel is working properly.

Check for jammed or malfunctioning buttons in your elevator and keep an eye out for any lingering dirt or debris stuck around the edges. If you find any issues with your elevator buttons, call in for professional maintenance to avoid further damages.

Elevator Cab Interior Cleaning in 4 Easy Steps

Elevators are high-contact places, which makes regular cleaning very important. Not only will this help achieve that fresh and hygienic first impression, but it keeps your passengers healthy and safe from viruses or infections.               

When cleaning your elevator cab interior, it’s best to avoid anything too abrasive. Metal finishings will wear down faster, and you’ll end up spending money on an upgrade sooner than necessary.


To find out what cleaners to use, check with your elevator manufacturer. They should be able to give you some recommendations. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the different elevator surfaces and how to keep them clean.   

  1. 1. Elevator mirrors

    Some elevator interiors have tall mirrors — these are easy to maintain much like any other commercial glass or mirror surface, by using a glass cleaner and some lint-free material, or even just soap, water, and a squeegee.    

    2. Elevator floors 

    This may be a no-brainer to some, but to others, it may be less obvious that floor material has a lot to do with how you keep elevator floors clean. Make sure floors are swept regularly to remove debris and if necessary, either polished or vacuumed to keep clean and dirt-free. 

    Another good idea is to clean elevator door sill tracks. A vacuum works best to ensure debris does not build up. Too much dirt in the sills can affect the movement of the doors and potentially cost you a maintenance contractor call. Depending on the use case of your elevator and the climate where you live, this may require more regular maintenance in some buildings than others. If rugs are placed in the elevator during winter, make sure they are regularly changed to keep the interior looking clean and avoid the build-up of winter salt and debris.   

What is in an elevator cab? components of elevator interior design

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3. Elevator buttons

When disinfecting elevator buttons, make sure you’re using the right kind of cleaner because many buttons are sensitive to different types of solutions. Dupar Controls warns against using abrasive cleaning agents or sharp objects when cleaning buttons to avoid damage. 

Buttons have many moving parts and one wrong spray can lead directly inside the components of the control panel. This is why you should never spray cleaning solution directly onto the buttons themselves, but instead onto the cleaning cloth or tool you are using. 

4. Stainless steel elevator surfaces

Last, you’ll want to clean any metal surface. Modern commercial elevator cab interiors today have many stainless steel surfaces, whether it’s the control panel, handrails, or the doors and walls themselves.

These are all parts of the elevator interior that guests will put their fingers on, so it’s no surprise that the most effective way to clean these surfaces is by using a non-toxic, non-aerosol, pH-neutral, bleach-free, and ammonia-free cleaner that has strong degreasing abilities. Pair it with a soft rag or microfibre towel in order not to scratch the stainless steel.

With a simple elevator cleaning checklist, you can do your part to keep our elevator cab interiors spick-and-span. Not only will you impress your passengers, but you’ll also curb the spread of COVID-19. This is especially crucial with elevator buttons as they are high-touch surfaces.   

Get your free elevator cab interior maintenance checklist

Elevator cab interior maintenance goes beyond keeping a clean surface though, and sometimes it’s important to understand when to throw in the towel. When your cab interiors are starting to show age in the form of scuffs, cracks, or fixtures falling apart, it may be time for a professional repair or upgrade.       

If you think it’s time for a fresh and clean look, K Elevator is here to help you determine your elevator cab interior needs. We can repair worn cladding or floor, and we can also design a custom solution to match your building’s style. Contact K Elevator today to get a quote on a brand new elevator cab interior that will inspire you to keep clean.

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