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Lift Up Your Interiors with Elevator Cab Remodeling

Extend the life and safety of your elevator cabs with a full or partial remodel. No cab renovation is too big or too small for our team of qualified experts.

K-Elevator Cab Remodeling Adds Value to Your Property

Our K-Elevator cab renovation professionals bring new life to outdated interiors. We specialize in both full and partial remodeling projects. From nicks and dings to outdated safety features, let us help you raise your elevator cabs to new heights. 


We work with your decorators, property managers, and general contractors to furnish your elevator cabs the way you want them. At K-Elevator, our goal is to give your residents and guests a ride they won’t forget.

Do Your Elevator Cabs Need a Facelift?

Modern elevator cabs can last upwards of 15 years. But interiors show signs of wear long before that. We recommend remodeling at least once during the lifetime of your elevator cabs. 


Some signs that your elevator cabs may need remodeling are:


  • Scratches, Scuffs, and Dents 
  • Worn Out Call Buttons and Numbers 
  • Safety Features Not Up to Code 
  • Antique Finishes and Decoration

Stay on Budget with
Cab Interior Remodel Packages

An elevator interior renovation can cost less than you think. Replace a few things or go for a full remodel. Our experts will never pressure you into spending more than you can afford.

Partial Cab Remodel

We replace the targeted concerns you have with your elevator cabs. Focus on the handrails, or swap out the paneling for something more modern. Get the finishings you want without spending more on an entire remodeling project.

Full Cab Remodel

If your cab interiors are completely out of date, it’s best to replace everything. Choose the floors, panels, handrails, ceilings, and buttons that work with your property’s aesthetic, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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You Can Trust

On-Site Experts

We’ll meet with you to discuss your renovation project and propose a realistic timeline. If the cab remodel is part of a larger renovation project, we’ll connect with your contractors to co-ordinate the work.

Honest Quote

We’ll provide a detailed quote with multiple cost options for materials, finishings, and labour. Once approved, our team will do everything we can to keep costs within the agreed-upon price.

Quick Installation

Our strong vendor relationships and experienced staff will get materials to your site and begin work quickly. We can usually finish a cab renovation in a week or less.

Walkthrough Guarantee

The job isn’t over until our team does a thorough walkthrough and you confirm that you’re pleased with our work. 


Get to Code with Updated Cab Safety Features

Make sure your cab elevator interiors meet B-44 safety requirements. Our staff will make sure your interiors pass inspection with fire-rated materials, redundancy circuits, correct elevator weight, and much more. 


  • Meet Provincial Safety and Fire Codes 
  • Check for Liability Faults 
  • Update Interior with Modern Safety Systems

Customize Your Cab
Interior Renovation

We work with a wide range of quality elevator interior vendors so you can choose the finishings that impress your residents without stretching your budget. 

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Cab Walls and Panels

Elevator Cab Walls, Ceilings, Lighting and Accessories

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Elevator Cab Design with Ceiling Lighting


Elevator Cab Flooring Design and Repairs


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Handrails and Bumpers



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