Top 9 Elevator Cab Interior Design Ideas that Wow

A good elevator experience is one combined with safety, functionality and aesthetics. Your ride, no matter how short it is, should not be boring. Modern-day elevator cab interior designs incline towards inspiring and giving riders a welcoming experience. There are several options, like the 3D mirrored walls or specialty glass interiors that you may choose. 


If you have an upcoming elevator cab refresh and need some ideas to make it more appealing, then here’s a rundown of the coolest designs to get you into the groove. Let’s start! 

You Cannot Go Wrong With These Beautiful Elevator Cab Interior Design Ideas

Glass is in Big Time

Glass cabs are transparent yet safe and go a long way to reducing environmental stress. Because of transparency, they allow more natural light to flow in the elevator and make the space look fresh and appealing. Besides, glass elevators give an impression of more room even though your elevator is crunching for space. In high-rise buildings, classy glass elevators offer a complete view of the surroundings while going up and down and throwing a chic and modern look. 

If plain or simple glass is not your thing, you can also choose laminated glass that is studier in comparison. This will take care of the safety aspect which should be your first priority over aesthetics.

Recreate With Luxury Vinyl Floorings

One thing that most people miss out on when modernizing their elevators is the flooring, but it is as essential as the cab walls or lighting. Once you change the flooring of your cab, you will notice that it makes riders feel that they are entering an all-new space. However, if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket and still manage to upgrade your elevator’s flooring, then luxury vinyl floorings are the best option to lean on. 

There are many design options at hand, and you can mix and match to create patterns, have a wooden effect or give it a unique finish. Next, vinyl flooring is durable and lightweight. You can easily clean it or change it every few years to give your cab a new look. 


Try the Mirror Effect

The use of mirrors in the elevator is not a new concept. It has been in use since the olden days. Back then, mirrors helped to create a distraction and engage passengers, especially when rides were slower in high-rise buildings. 

Mirrors provide riders with added safety as people get to see their back view. But another advantage of having them is creating an illusion of larger spaces and helping riders who suffer from claustrophobia. 

Interior designers rely on mirrors to give property owners their desired look. By using mirrors of different shapes and sizes, you can instantly upscale your property and make it more high-value. 

3D Textured Walls Are a Hot Game

Have you recently stepped into an elevator and got attracted to the decorative walls? Interior designers suggest using 3D textured walls with three-dimensional surface patterns and shapes for a modern look. 

3D walls come in endless textures, designs and patterns carved into various surfaces and finishes. This means you can have endless possibilities when designing your cab interior. 

Another advantage of textured walls is that they come with premium noise insulation and have faster lead times. They are an absolute go-to if you are working with tight deadlines.  

Keep It Minimal

Not very fond of elevators wrapped in golden or bright royal colours? Don’t worry! You can still maintain an elegant look by playing minimal and creating a more neutral look. 

Minor replacements like switching the standard push buttons with vertical LCD control panels or painting the cab with warm shades can go a long way. These simple yet sophisticated interior design hacks will uplift your space. 

Welcome With Custom Doors

Think elevators are only about two doors opening at the click of a button? No way. Because here’s your chance to change that mundane look. Most artistic buildings have custom elevator doors that elegantly match with the rest of the property decor. You might probably see swing doors similar to bedroom or living room doors used in elevators. 


We know that doors could be the least of your worries when renovating your elevator cab interiors. But they do make a lasting impression on the rider. Again just like flooring or 3D textured walls, you have several options when selecting the doors. Wood, glass or even metal doors with single, opposite or adjacent opening doors can do the trick. 


Get Classy With Vacuum Elevators

Nowadays, to keep construction minimal, people prefer pitless elevators. These elevators give you more placement flexibility, including traveling through the floor or attached to a balcony. Riders also get an advantage of a panoramic view because of self-supporting shafts similar to glass elevators.

Do More With Windows

If glass is not your preferred option and you still want to keep things environment-friendly, you can have small windows installed in the elevator. It will allow more natural light to seep in and make the space look fancy. 

Because of regulatory compliance, you might need to consider certain specifications for the size of the windows. Your elevator consultant or maintenance contractor should be able to help you with that.


Choose Sustainability

Did you know that elevators account for up to 10 percent of building energy use? An elevator unit has several moving parts like flooring, lighting and technology. All this contributes to the elevator’s overall efficiency. 


So if you’re concerned about energy efficiency and sustainability, then here are some things to consider before starting your next interior design project. 


Check out double-deck elevators since they save energy twice as much. One cab stops on odd and even numbered floors at the same time. 


You can get in-cab sensors installed to let your elevator enter idle more when not in use. at 

Cabs with fewer passengers consume more energy than those who ride at full capacity.


Modern-day cabs have computerized control systems to control traffic and limit interior lighting, saving energy on light loads. 

Modernize Your Elevator With the Top Interior Design Experts

As experienced cab specialists, we have brought several elevator cab design ideas to life and can help you put together the best ideas that work for your space. Our 3D cab design studio gives you a visual feel of your project and what it would look like upon completion. You can use that design to either work with your interior design or one of the experts at K Elevator to realize your dream project. 

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