Your elevator cab interior says a lot about your property. Although it may seem hidden from view, the inside of your elevators get a lot of traffic. Whether it’s unique flooring patterns, special glass on mirrors, or even custom ceilings, a redesign of that space can go a long way to improving the look and feel of your property as a whole.

Many people think it takes forever to overhaul their building’s elevator cab interiors. They don’t exactly know what happens in the cab interior design process, or what parts of their elevator cabs need an upgrade

In fact, it isn’t as difficult or costly as you may think. At K-Elevator, we believe cab modernization is as easy as 1-2-3. You just need to take the first step and start looking at what your elevator is telling you. So how can you be sure it’s time to upgrade your elevator interior? Let’s find out!

1. The mirrors and paneling are fit for Halloween

Does the old mirror warp every appearance? Are they cracked or splintered? If the handrails are still clean and held firmly in place, you might want to grip on tight while you ride through the “funhouse” elevator.

If there aren’t any mirrored walls, are there scratches from people carrying large objects in and out of the elevator? Is there literal writing on the walls? If you’re seeing any of these things or additional scuffing, peeling, or fading – it’s definitely time to upgrade, or at the very least, invest in some elevator protection wall pads.

2. The overhead lights hurt your eyes

When stepping into an elevator, it should never have the same energy as a hospital. Maybe the lights are too bright, or too fluorescent — did they always flicker like that? Unless you’re trying for a lights show, there’s no need for flashing lights in your elevator.


Burnt out bulbs and off-white that hurts the eyes can make you feel like you’re walking straight into a horror movie. If your lighting is off, it might be a good time to give that entire elevator cab a bright and sleek redesign. Your eyes will thank you.

3. Walking into your elevator is like stepping into the past

If riding your elevator feels like a trip to a different decade, your elevator interior is outdated. Instead of waiting for paisley to come back into fashion, this antiquated decor might need a facelift.


The elevator is a reflection of the building it operates in, so if you’re getting awkward faces and people averting their eyes from its dated interior, it’s time to modernize. Update your elevator to reflect your modern residential or commercial building, and invite passengers in for a ride that won’t make them cringe at peeling wallpaper.


4. The flooring is an eyesore

We’ve all entered elevators and looked at our shoes to avoid eye contact with the other passenger. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for a friendly elevator pitch, or even just a brief hello. What do you notice when you look down?


There’s no better sign your elevator interiors have seen better days if the flooring is starting to crack from the years of abuse, or if there are so many scuffs you can’t tell what the original tile design was. Even worse, have you ever stepped into an elevator with uneven flooring? It’s definitely time to upgrade if you see one of these signs.


As an example, check out how these newly renovated floors shine!

elevator cab flooring

5. Your elevator cab should be in harmony with your building

It’s simple: Your elevator interior should match its exterior. Elevators should complement the buildings they’re serving, not make them seem unsafe or unclean.


It’s just common sense to say that the last item on our list is clear – if you’re walking down a forested path, you expect to see a tree at the next turn, not a traffic light. If your elevator is the traffic light in the forest, it’s time for that well-deserved interior upgrade.

Does it look like it’s time to upgrade your elevator cab interior? Whether you’re modernizing, refreshing, or redesigning to match your exteriors, it’s time to get planning. 

At K Elevator, we’re experts in giving your elevator interiors the care and attention they deserve. From fully custom designs to quick projects, contact us for all your elevator cab interior needs.

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