We offer two different elevator interior services. Learn which one's best for you and your passengers.

Standard Interiors

K-Elevator Cab Interior Specialists offers several choices for standard interior configurations, including with or without a mirror, split paneling with optional bumpers, and rigidized lower panels.

Customize the interior of your elevator with laminate panels in different shades of wood or stone flecked with quartz, rigidized metal in a variety of patterns, flooring options from trusted suppliers such as Armstrong and Olympia Tile + Stone, and a selection of handrails.

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Customized Interiors

What makes an elevator’s interior exquisite as opposed to simply ordinary? It’s the little details. It could be the building’s logo etched into a mirror. Or it could be the custom-designed flooring in a unique patter, incorporating the highest quality materials.

We specialize in customized designs for clients. K-Elevator offers a wide range of panels, light fixtures, flooring and handrails to create an enjoyable and luxurious experience for your elevator passengers.

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